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Ocean Grade: An Eco Brand

We strive to raise awareness to eco alternatives, while providing great quality products at fair prices:
Our plant-based Eco Polarized Sunglass frames are made of 100% bio-degradable wheat straw material.  This material holds the strength and flexibility of plastic, but will degrade in the ocean/soil within 2 years.  Colors are created using plant-based inks and dyes.
Our Recycled Eco Sunglasses are made of recycled, single-use plastics (bottles, straws, cutlery). This plastic is processed and repurposed, keeping it out of landfills and oceans!

Plastic-Free Packaging

All orders are packaged and shipped without the use of any plastics.

Plus! Each pair of sunglasses comes within a Cork Eco Case!



These are my go to, and I’m a life long customer. Great shades, great people!.
Kevin C.

Sleek and Useful

These utensils are great...I keep a set in my purse and my kitchen. I love that they are plant=based and do not feel like plastic.
Kathryn P.
Amazing, Affordable Polarized Sunglasses
This is the second pair I am buying b/c I want one in both of my family cars I love them that much! I ordered and they came in less than a week....OceanGrade is an amazing company to deal with!
Becky A.